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Evening with Tough Talk

On Sunday 8th January 2017, Tough Talk visited Holy Trinity to share some power lifting and powerful stories.  Tough Talk is a charity that does Christian outreach nationally. We were joined by three team members: Ian, Adam and Joe, who were former power lifters, door men or ex-cons.

Power lifting demonstration

The evening kicked off with a power lifting demonstration from Joe. Before building up to a 180kg squat, he showed us how to strap up your knees. Ian explained that the straps stop your kneecaps popping out under pressure. When they go, “they go off like shotguns,” he said!


Powerful stories of change

Ian and Adam shared stories of how they came to faith in Jesus and how he transformed their lives in the most unlikely ways. Ian was heavily into body building, taking large amounts of animal steroids. Working as a door man in the East End of London, he was no stranger to violence and crime. Hear what happened to Ian below.

Adam had a similarly chequered past, getting heavily into the drug scene. He discovered the power of God when he picked up the Bible and began reading it for himself. You can read or listen to an account of Jesus life in Mark’s gospel from the bible, here.

Weight lifting competition

The evening ended with a weight lifting competition. The audience were invited to show their lifting prowess. Sonia won the women’s lift, getting a copy of Tough Talk’s book. Harvey then stepped up to a 80kg bar, beating Big Paul’s 24 repetitions, with a smooth 30 presses – Harvey is available for personal training sessions, by the way!


Get motivated for the new year!

The evening ended with a challenge to get spiritually fit for the new year.  Holy Trinity is running Christianity Explored from 25th January, a video discussion evening that gives people the chance to think about some of the big questions of life and to look at the life of Jesus.  It’s free. All are welcome. Find out more and sign-up here.

Thanks again to the Tough Talk team and to all who came and took part. Watch this space or Facebook for more events at Holy Trinity Wallington this year!


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