Flower Festival

During the last weekend of June we welcomed more than 400 people to our Festival of around 30 flower displays – depicting the many activities and organisations at Holy Trinity.

Display representing 150 years of Bible teaching at Holy Trinity

It was a joy to meet new visitors and former members, some who had travelled a distance to be there. The fragrance and colours of the displays reflected God’s magnificent creation as we celebrated 150 years of His faithfulness to us.

There were also displays representing our Church School and the 2 local churches planted by Holy Trinity, St Patrick’s and Springfield – and the 85 years of ministry on the Elm Grove estate.

As we chatted to friends over refreshments and reminiscing at historical photos, we realised how privileged we are to be part of Holy Trinity Church which seeks to know and share the transforming love of God.

A sincere thanks to all who took part and supported us – to God be the glory!


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