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As a church we are keen to serve the community. Over the summer we took the opportunity to do a short survey with local residents in the parish to find out their views on community and church life.  The summary below gives you an idea of the responses to the three questions that we asked.

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What do you think are the best things about living in Wallington?

The most common answer was that it is a friendly community. Very popular answers were good transport links, good schools, peaceful and nice green spaces. Also popular was the amenities available including shops as well as the cleanliness and low crime rate.

What concerns do people have in the local area?

The most common answers revolved around job, money and hence a good work life balance. This was closely followed by concerns about friendly neighbours and safety and security in the community. Also mentioned a few times was pollution, health and good services available. Many people felt that they were content and had no concerns to list.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the church?

Many felt they had no opinion on this question.

On the positive the majority found it was a good community that brought people together, was supportive and welcoming and good for families. Some found it was a positive place, is becoming more active and involved and offers variety. The odd person noted that it is good at addressing modern issues and challenging current thoughts.

However there was not a common response on negatives. A couple of times it was recorded that it is outdated, separate from society and can be devisive. The odd person noted that it is not as relevant, needs to be more obvious, can have extreme views; hence frightens people off and is too modern or trendy and not reverent.

You can share your views on the questions by commenting below.

Thank you to all who helped with the survey.


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