Weekly evening service relaunched

On Sunday 17th January 2016, we will be relaunching our weekly evening service at Holy Trinity Church.   Meeting at 6.00pm, the evening service will be simple and informal. 

Applied teaching

One aim is to provide more time for in-depth and applied teaching.  Our curate Alan, who is overseeing the service, explained more our last Central Prayer Meeting. “As we move back into the church building, one of the questions is, how do we see people grow in faith and unity?  Paul explains in Eph 4:12-15 that people grow in faith as they grow in their knowledge of Jesus through us teaching one another. So, as well as preaching, we hope to have times of discussion and for people to share their testimonies as part of the service.”

Accessible to all

Another objective is to make the service accessible to those who are not ‘churchy’, particularly those aged 18-30 and non-Christian friends. As well as the service being relaxed (we will have the odd sofa to sit on!), we will have regular invitation services, dealing with key questions about the Christian faith. At our first invitation evening service, happening on 6th March, Dr David Wenham will be speaking on the subject, How do we know the bible is trustworthy? There will be time for questions afterward and all are welcome.

Did someone mention pizza?

No. But refreshments will be served after every service.  It is a good time to chat and meet people.  And, we will be serving pizza at the relaunch on 17th – so you have no excuse not to come! This term we will be spending six weeks looking at the book of Isaiah and three sessions considering the bible – is it really trustworthy, authoritative and true? James will lead the first service on Sunday and Alan will speak on Isaiah 1.  We will be meeting in the Trinity Centre, next to the main church.

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For more information about the evening service, or our new 18 to 30s programme kicking off on 21st January, do contact Alan through the office.

See Service Term Plan

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