Share your history!

Did you know that Holy Trinity Church was mainly paid for by the Lord of the Manor, Nathaniel Bridges in 1867?

We are working on a brief history of the church for the website and need your help.


First, we would like your memories of significant events in the life of the church. Do you remember landmarks like the ordination of past vicars, the church plants, the opening the Trinity Centre, life at the church in the war…the building of the church? Probably not!

This is your chance for reminiscing, fond memories and interesting facts. Post these memories in the comment section below or email us. We will use some of the best quotes on the new history.


Second, could you lend or email us a few of your best photographs of past life at the church that could be used online? Maybe photos of the building, congregation members with big hair and large shoulder pads (pictures from the 1980s, not people currently stuck in a fashion rut)?

All photos will be returned. Contact Alan here, and share this post with past HT members. Thanks for help.

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  1. Elizabeth Rhodes

    While the Trinity Centre was being built, the builders let me into to site to take pictures of the whole process – from beginning to end. I think the most spectacular part of the build was when the Cross (which is part of the entry doors to the Centre) was being lowered into place by a huge crane – passing over the Vicarage and Centre against a wonderful blue sky – what a wonderful sight.

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