To Jesus & Holy Trinity

Welcome to Holy Trinity Wallington. We’re so glad you’ve found our website and hope it helps you get a little window into life here as well as a glimpse as to what we’re all about

What do you know of Holy Trinity?

Holy Trinity Wallington...

…is a church that has stood in the community of Wallington since 1867

…is a place throughout the years that people have come to meet Jesus and grow in following Him

…is a friendly, growing family made up of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and stages of life from Wallington, Carshalton, Beddington, Hackbridge and the surrounding areas

…is your local Anglican Evangelical Church

…is a growing family where God transforms lives through Jesus, as we:

  1. Engage people in our communities & Explain the Good News of Jesus to them
  2. Establish Christians in their faith & Equip them to serve Jesus in all of their life
  3. Export people to serve Jesus across the world

…is a Bible-based church where we hear God speak by His Spirit so that lives are transformed

What do you know of Jesus?

A baby who was born 2000 years ago who would alter human history including time itself

A baby who had been promised over 300 times over thousands of years to come and fix the world that we live in – to mend the world that despite its beauty and wonder has the gut-kicking reality of death

A baby who grew up to be a man who claimed and then sought to prove to be the unknown and unseen God come to earth

A man who loved and cared for the losers and winners of society

A man who died on a cross to demonstrate God’s love for humanity as He paid the penalty of death that our rejection of the Creator God deserved

A man who then beat death appearing to hundreds of people and promised that those who believed in Him would have eternal life

A man who leads to lives transformed and changed, and brings about the Christian Church which has stood the test of time and grows in the most unlikely places

A man who heads back to heaven to prepare a future when He will end this world and bring in a new perfect world

A man interested in you & me

Do you know this man?

At Holy Trinity we love to help people meet Him and see the life-transforming Good News He freely offers

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”
John’s account of Jesus’ life, chapter 3 verse 16

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