Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms

We hold various special services to remember important life events, such as the birth, marriage and death of members of our church and local community


If you are interested in getting married at Holy Trinity then please read this information sheet, which explains the legal requirements to get married here. Please then contact us with any questions and to receive further practical information. To get married here you will need to complete a short marriage preparation course that is designed to help get you ready for, and as you start out in, married life together.


We are sorry to hear about the death of someone you know. We hope we will be able to help you arrange a funeral service. You will need to make initial arrangements with the funeral director who will contact us. However if you need support during this time, please contact our church office who can arrange for the bereavement team to contact you.


If you are interested in getting your baby or child baptised at Holy Trinity then please read this one-page information sheet and then contact us to discuss it further.

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