We have the privilege of leading the church here and enabling life to flourish

We look forward to hopefully meeting you, but let us take this opportunity for you to briefly meet us

Ministry Team



a former Red Arrow engineer & lover of laughter; James has the privilege of overseeing & leading the church. James grew up in a Christian family & came to follow Jesus for himself in his teens. He’s husband to Sarah & dad to 4 children.



a table tennis wizard & lover of coffee; Harry assists James in leading Holy Trinity & particularly cares for the men of the church. Harry came to follow Jesus out of the blue, through a friend in his teens. He’s husband to Lucy & dad to 4 young children.


Children’s & Youth Minister

a homegrown Wallington boy, keen football fan and occasionally still gives footy a go! James oversees & cares for our Children & Young People in the church. James is thankful for a prayerful mum, the gospel ministry of this church (which he grew up in) and the patient grace of God. He is husband to Wenna, and a thankful father.


Women’s & Families Pastoral Minister

a former GP & lover of music; Ronnie oversee & cares for the Women & Families of the church. Ronnie grew up in a Catholic family but it wasn’t until being a young struggling mum that she heard the good news of Jesus & followed him for herself. She is wife to Craig & mum to 2 adult boys.


Music Minister

a video game expert & lover of cats and curry; Graham enables Music across all areas of church life. Graham grew up in a Christian family leading to him following Jesus in his 20’s.


Ministry Trainee

an avid cyclist & lover of music (he’s either playing or listening); William is found across church life, but particularly helps James with our Children & Youth. William grew up in a Christian family, his faith in Jesus led him to study theology before joining us at Holy Trinity.


Pastoral Lay Minister

a former accountant & lover of Crystal Palace; Pauline came to believe in Jesus over 30 years ago when she noticed how happy people were coming out of church & wanted to find out why. She hasn’t looked back since! Pauline helps with enabling pastoral care across the church particularly in those bereaved.


Pastoral Lay Minister

a former palliative care nurse & lover of fun; Suzie helps with enabling pastoral care across the church particularly in those bereaved. Suzie came to follow Jesus 30 years ago & continues to rejoice in following him. She is wife to Peter, a mum & nana.


Christian Against Poverty Debt Centre Manager

a rail engineer & lover of adventure; in his spare time Peter leads our work helping those in debt to find a way out. Peter grew up in a Christian family & has never known a day where he didn’t follow Jesus. He is a husband to Suzie, father & grandfather.

Operations Team


Church Operations Minister

a former bank manager & lover of model trains; John oversees all our operations as a church. John grew up hearing about Jesus from his parents, but came to follow Jesus wholeheartedly when he came to Holy Trinity many years ago. He is husband to Lin & dad to 3 adult children.


Church Administrator

a lover of crochet; Rachel is at the centre of church life working with John to ensure church life happens well. Rachel came to follow Jesus through coming to Holy Trinity a number of years ago. She is wife to Mick & mum to Andrew.


Café manager

a lover of the garden; Lin helps oversee the team that run the Cornerstone Café in the heart of the Church & Centre. She is wife to John & mum to 3 adult children.

Leadership Team


Church Warden

a technological whizz-kid; Steve assists James in leading the church & has responsibility for our buildings. Steve didn’t come to follow Jesus publicly until his 40’s. He is a husband to Rachel & father to 2 grown up children.


Church Warden

a lover of colour which includes colourful clothes! Jackie assists James in leading the church & has responsibility for our care of one another. Jackie came to follow Jesus in later life from a background of interest in new age. Coming to know Jesus, He turned her life the right-side up for the first time in her life. She is a wife to Bill, mother & grandmother.


Engage & Explain Team Lead

a lover of parkrun and a retired civil servant; Ian, with James, oversees our work helping people hear and understand the good news of Jesus. Ian grew up in Purley, attending Purley Baptist Church where he became a follower of Jesus in his late teens. He is a husband to Brenda and dad to 2 adult sons.


Establish & Equip Team Lead

a business owner & lover of challenge; Jeff, with James, oversees our work helping Christians to grow in their faith, particularly helping to oversee our Life Groups. Jeff had his life turned upside down as a young man by Jesus & has never looked back. He is husband to Tracy & dad to 4 adult children.


Export Team Lead

a financial consultant & golf nut; Nev, with James, oversees our work keeping local, national & global mission as the heartbeat of the church. Nev became a Christian through his secondary school in South Africa, but came to live wholeheartedly for Jesus in his 20’s. He is a husband to Yuki & dad to 2 girls.

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